About Jagers Jewellery

About Jagers Jewellery

About Jagers Jewellery

Founded by Mr. Ho Shin, Jagers Jewellery has been specialising in jewellery since 1973 and has been doing so for 48 years. The business includes jewellery design, diamond and gemstone selecting, gemstone matching, jewellery making, polishing, setting, plating and computer engraving. More advanced technologies such as 3 computer engraving, laser welding, laser engraving and other equipment and techniques have also been developed subsequently to make the products more exquisite.

From manufacturing to sales to after-sales service are all underwritten by our factory, providing a one-stop service. For sales, both retail and wholesale customers are welcome to visit our stores or online shop. There is no limit to the number of customised items, and we can also offer special orders in bulk or from one piece. 



从制造, 销售至售后服务都由我们包办,提供一条龙服务。


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